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Real Estate Faster is your back office team
using proven techniques to grow your business

How Can Real Estate Faster Help You?

We take care of the time consuming tasks that are required to grow your business

Cold Calling New Leads

We call quality leads one after another with proven scripts until we set your Guaranteed Listing Appointments.

Tell us a little bit about you and give us access to your calendar, then we do the rest.

That's it. No guessing which marketing techniques will work, No more spending countless hours trying to get a listing appointment, and No more wasting money trying to get your name out there.

I got the listing!
They were realistic about what their home was worth. They just wanted to see that I had experience and a good marketing plan.

Tim Morgan @ Keller Williams

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24/7 Response Team

If you run targetted ads to attract new buyers and sellers, then 80-90% of those responding will waste your time.

Use one of our email addresses and phone numbers in your marketing, then we can handle all of your responses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, freeing you up to handle the most important parts of your business & life.

We focus on qualifying the prospect and locking them in as a client for you, so you only need to talk with the prospects who are ready to take action

The leads are solid. The [Sellers] are all well informed, and have no mistake that I am coming for an apt to list their home.

Wesley G. @ RANLife Real Estate

(One of our locations)

Warm Market Follow Up

You should have some sort of software to manage all of your contacts. Running this database properly means when people are thinking of selling or buying, they think of you.

Are you running an efficient system and generating tons of referrals and if you are, how much time is this taking you?

We'll call, email, text, and interact with them on social media, keeping you first in their mind when they're ready to take action

I love the way they set up appointments directly into my Google Calendar.

Ron H. @ Keller Williams

Investor Search & Satisfaction

First you have to find the investors, then you have to find what they're looking for.

Our staff is trained on where to find investors, how to spot a good deal for them, and how to create reports analyzing the property compared to others in the marketplace.

We even know how to find off market deals.

We made $185k in 45 days flipping a property

Greg F. @ First Buy Real Estate

Transaction Coordination & Listing Coordination

Give us your checklist and we'll follow it step by step, ensuring everything gets done, and every client is happy to refer you more business.

We'll coordinate everything with your client, the other agent, the lender, title, and escrow.

Great service and they provide what they say they will

Timothy H. @ Coldwell Banker

Get Paid Faster

Don't wait 30-45 days for a closing. Once you Lock up the property under contract we'll loan you the money you need to re-invest in your marketing, so you can have faster growth.

Things are going good I just sold an $800,000 listing that you (Real Estate Faster) gave me

Craig P @ Coldwell Banker

REO, BPO, CMAs, and other Virtual Assistant Services

Our number 1 job is to make you more productive, anything that can be done by someone sitting at a desk, can be done by our company.

We've done BPOs (Broker Price Opinions) for agents, scheduled inspections, re-keys, contractor bidding, scheduling photographers, CMAs (Current Market Analysis), bookkeeping and a lot more.

If it's a real estate related task that needs to get done, we can do it.

We've got 4 closing checks coming in the next 5 days!!!!!

Marcus E. @ Keller Williams