We Give Real Estate Agents
Up to 10 Listing Appointments / month

We Help Realtors Make Money
And Save Time
By Marketing On Their Behalf &
Booking Appointments In Their Calendar
We Help Realtors Make Money And Save Time
By Marketing On Their Behalf & Booking Appointments In Their Calendar
We Give Real Estate Agents
Up to 10 Listing Appointments / month

Real Estate Faster has set over 
$3 Billion in Listing Appointments
With Expireds / FSBOs
Relentless Follow up
FREE to test us out
  • Don't let leads slip through the cracks because you're too busy to follow up with them.
  • Our team will stay in contact every lead until they list with you, list with someone else, or tell us to stop.
  • Buyer or Seller Leads; Any lead source except FSBOs/Expireds; Our free CRM or yours 
Cold Calling Expireds & FSBOs
Broker to Broker Referral Fee
  • Up to 10 appointments per month
  • Exclusive to 1 agent per area
  • Must sell a minimum of 30 homes / year before starting with us
  • If we didn't contact you, your area is most likely not available
Sphere of Influence Marketing
Monthly for 120 Contacts - 20 Sales / Year target
  • Target of 50 Closed Sales Per Year From 300 Contacts
  • Fee includes CRM, Printing, Postage, Software, Designer, Copywriter, Inbound/outbound Calls, Texts, Emails, Calendar integration, Gifts, Database Administration, Support & Training
  • The Most Cost Effective Way to Grow Your Business

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

🤯 Imagine if all you had to do was go on listing/buyer appointments 🤯

How much faster would your business grow if you delegated all that time to someone else?
My name is Deven Nemer. 

I’m the founder of Real Estate Faster and I’ve been in real estate for about 15 years both as an Agent and as an Investor.

Under my leadership, Real Estate Faster set over $3 Billion worth of listing appointments.

I have bought, sold, managed, brokered, and flipped residential, multi-family, and commercial properties.

I have a number of recorded videos that explain step by step how I've earned substantial sums of money for myself and my clients, but it all starts with listing appointments. 

So let's establish a relationship first, prove that you can close on the listing appointments we send you, and then I'll share my video library with you.
I hired a personal assistant back in 2009, taught him about real estate and helped him build his business. 

He now runs an office with several dozen employees.

Together, we've created a system to guarantee listing appointments and today we're offering you up to 10 Listing Appointments every month through our Cold Calling Program or up to 50 Closed Sales Per Year with our Sphere of Influence Marketing.

You guys are really good at what you do and you‘re really good with your follow up. You hold be people accountable. I mean your whole system is awesome!!

Rob R.

In the past year you guys have been working hard to improve the process, improve the communication and improve the quality.

Chris M.

I wouldn't wanna give away secrets but if on a scale of 1 to 10. I'll give you a 8.75... i would put you up there.. you give quality appointment... I wouldn't (recommend) because i think of you as a secret.

Alexander H. @ Coldwell Banker

With them not being in my market, I would highly recommend it (REFaster). With them being in my market, of course you I rather not recommend it (REFaster) because I like having sources that other people don’t.

Eddie W. @ Realty Executive 

I would say a 9... it's worked out really really well. I've tried this service with other companies and it didn't work at all but with you guys it seems to be working!!!

Chris S. @ Berkshire Hathaway

I certainly don't wanna recommend you to other agents who are gonna compete against us. I think you have done a good job!!

Perry H. @ Berkshire Hathaway

I’m killing it in my office right now people are like what is going on with this guy. I told them, I bought a new lead system that's calling expireds and withdrawns for me and it's been great...

Eric B.

You’re getting the appointments and gettings us in touch with people and that's what we want and we’re not having to do anything to get it...

Perry H.

When I walk through the door the people are looking for me for answers and advice and counseling.

Chris M.

I have gotten business out of it and it has returned on my investment.

Chris G.

You guys are really good at what you do and you‘re really good with your follow up. You hold be people accountable. I mean your whole system is awesome.

Rob R.

Jennifer was complimentary with the Real Estate Faster - Calling Rep: Sam Rogers. Jennifer had high praise for is diligence, follow-thru and calling personality. 

David G.

I have tried this service with another company once and it didn’t work at all but with you guys, it seems to be working.

Chris S.

We made $185k in 45 days flipping a property

Greg F.
Deven Nemer CEO - Real Estate Faster
Deven Nemer 
CEO / Founder
"I look forward to building a long term relationship with you, and helping you sell a ton of homes"
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